Verena Tatiana

Verena started her career working for a computer graphics school in Brazil, as an intern, where she was responsible for helping teachers in class. Afterwards, she went to an exhibition planning company, where she was responsible for developing exhibition projects from planning to execution. She also spent some time as a 3D generalist at an animation studio in Salvador, Maianga Eldorado, where she was responsible mainly for rigging, 3D animation, and 3D concept art for clients around the world. She is a Designer with an emphasis in Graphic Design graduate, and was a teacher at one of the major Computer Graphics schools in Brazil until February 2016. Today, she has 6 years of teaching experience, mostly on rendering and 3d for Architectural Visualization fields, and she does a lot of freelance work in the architectural visualization area, as well as graphic design. She's currently living in Salvador, Brazil working mainly as a freelancer.