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Exam: 70-331 - Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
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  • Mexico
  • Jun 20, 2018

Someone has presented this test recently, they have used a test of here? thanks


  • Colombia
  • Mar 08, 2018

Is it still valid?


  • Turkey
  • Jan 03, 2018

Is it still valid?


  • Kuwait
  • Dec 27, 2017

is it still valid ???


  • Serbia
  • Nov 10, 2017

Got valid 331 332 dumps, 950/1000 score


  • Ukraine
  • Nov 07, 2017

is this dump still valid in india?? or i should use premium ?


  • South Africa
  • Nov 01, 2017

Hi, How do i get Premium dumps


  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sep 28, 2017

pass exam 85% is accurate


  • United Arab Emirates
  • Sep 21, 2017

Hi All, is the dump still valid? please advice which dump is valid.


  • South Africa
  • Sep 14, 2017

Premium valid in South Africa


  • Hong Kong
  • Aug 15, 2017

is this dump still valid in india??


  • Bahrain
  • Aug 03, 2017

passd 852


  • Turkey
  • Apr 15, 2017

Passed with 770.This dump is valid %60-70.If you want to pass you study this dump , Ponka's Dump and SP2013Guru's dump.


  • Turkey
  • Apr 10, 2017

This dump still valid? Anyone pass to exam with this dump in 2017?


  • United States
  • Mar 31, 2017

May be 10% of this dump happened in the exam...way way far from my expectation


  • Germany
  • Mar 22, 2017

The dumps are still valid in morocco , Passed Today with 850


  • Norway
  • Mar 20, 2017

which Version of VCE exsam do we need for this file?

Eduardo C

  • Mexico
  • Mar 07, 2017

Study this exam well, and when I present it, I only had 6 questions, the other already knew, but it will not happen. Take 500 on the exam.


  • United States
  • Mar 04, 2017

Used this to study. Helped with maybe 1/3 - 1/2 of the questions. Passes with 762.


  • United States
  • Feb 28, 2017

Passed using premium file to study example questions, paired with a decade of experience in the field. Exam had about 50 questions. I knew about 40 answers and had to give it my best guess on 10. In my opinion, this was a difficult test.


  • Serbia
  • Feb 05, 2017

Hello, can anyone help with informations which VCE material to use for this exam. Thanks a lot.


  • Serbia
  • Feb 03, 2017

Hello, can anyone help by sharing material with us.


  • Spain
  • Jan 10, 2017

Does anyone tried to pass this exam with this dump or if someone can share what are the best dumps to pass this exam for this year?


  • United States
  • Dec 30, 2016

Can anybody please suggest, is this valid dumps...as i have exam next month Jan 2017. Please help.

Test Candidate

  • Germany
  • Dec 01, 2016

Is the premium file still valid??

Haris Khan

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Nov 13, 2016

Hi, can anyone confirm that premium file is still valid as i will give exam in coming December..


  • Kuwait
  • Oct 10, 2016

Just cleared the exam today with a score of 752 using the Premium File


  • Kuwait
  • Oct 07, 2016

Hi I am planning to write this exam using the Premium VCE file. Will it be sufficient to Pass.Are the answers to mixed questions rearranged for the exam ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • South Africa
  • Oct 07, 2016

@Miller which other material did you use. I am writing my exam on Wed .I am also in South Africa


  • South Africa
  • Oct 06, 2016

Good day Exan Loving People I took the exam today and Passed but the VCE is not even 50% valid so what you need to do is to read from many sources because to be honest only Case studies where from the VCE but the rest of the questions uuuh nada


  • Germany
  • Sep 01, 2016

Passed today with 778.
I bought the premium vce. The questions in the scenarios are the same. Many mixed questions are new, so make sure, that you really good in the tasks from the vce file, so can pass it, too.

Sanjay Singh

  • Switzerland
  • Aug 09, 2016

I gave the exam today and passed with 804. I did the following
1. Bought premium file
2. Studied MS press book 70-331
3. Took measure-up practice test for 70-331

Questions were mixed, some from dumps and some new.

All the best


  • Switzerland
  • Jul 30, 2016

Is this dump still valid?


  • Australia
  • Jul 25, 2016

is this dump VALID ?


  • Tanzania
  • Jun 23, 2016

Please share the updated Dumps. Doing Exam tomorrow.


  • South Africa
  • Jun 20, 2016

Passed with 752. Used only the latest premium exam. There are a couple of new questions. Premium about 80% valid.


  • South Africa
  • Jun 19, 2016

Please advise on how valid the premium exam is? I am writing tomorrow.

exam taker

  • Mongolia
  • Jun 17, 2016

passed with 726. but dump is not valid, there are so many new questions.


  • India
  • Jun 15, 2016

There are 43 questions and then 8 case study questions. This dump is definitely not valid except for the case study questions which are valid.
Dump is not valid. Nearly all questions are changed. 331 completely updated. Failed with 575. Total 51 questions


  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jun 14, 2016

Passed today 726 . studied only premuim valid about 80% of the Qs . maybe 8 new Qs.
Good luck.


  • Brazil
  • Jun 06, 2016

Premium test is 70% valid. Tos test is 50% (have many wrong answers). The exam have a lot of new questions and a lot of Office 365. You must to study the context, not the questions. I passed today.


  • Switzerland
  • May 31, 2016

Passed last week with 817.
About 12 new questions


  • Saudi Arabia
  • May 17, 2016

Please advise if premium file is valid or no? I am planning for the exam next week.


  • Costa Rica
  • May 12, 2016

Premium test is mostly valid. I passed today (7++). I'll not send the dump, you need to buy it as well.


  • India
  • May 07, 2016

I got failed in this exam with 425 marks on 21 March 2016.Total 51 questions


  • India
  • May 04, 2016

Failed with 625 marks..


  • Mexico
  • Apr 20, 2016

Hi Guy.

You can comment that dump used was the premium or some other?


  • Canada
  • Apr 11, 2016

I passed the exam with 780 marks out of 700. There are 43 questions and then 8 case study questions. This dump is definitely not valid except for the case study questions which are valid.


  • Mexico
  • Apr 04, 2016

is premium valid?


  • Nigeria
  • Apr 04, 2016

Joel, what othe dumps did you use for the exam??

Joel Teixeira

  • Portugal
  • Mar 30, 2016

Passed today with 726. 23 new questions


  • Canada
  • Mar 22, 2016

is this dump still valid or should I use ponka?


  • Germany
  • Mar 22, 2016

Did the test today. Not valid! Many new questions.


  • Estonia
  • Mar 16, 2016

Not a valid dump. Scenario questions are the same, but 2/3 of mixed questions are brand new.

John Foley

  • Botswana
  • Mar 15, 2016

Guys, what are you using to view these VCE Files. I need you help. Thanks


  • Australia
  • Mar 09, 2016

this dump is still valid , pass today with 8**


  • Germany
  • Mar 04, 2016

There are any news if the test is still valid?


  • Costa Rica
  • Feb 17, 2016

Anyone know if it is still valid??


  • Costa Rica
  • Feb 17, 2016

Anyone know if it is still valid???


  • United States
  • Feb 03, 2016

Premium test is mostly valid, however some of the questions on it have incorrect answers (about 5), and on the test they modify a few of the questions just slightly so the answers may be a little different. That said, passed today with a 817


  • Morocco
  • Feb 02, 2016

is this dump still valid ? thank you for your reply !


  • Egypt
  • Jan 08, 2016

Please share this exam in pdf format to my email: mhit1@hotmail.com


  • United Kingdom
  • Jan 05, 2016

Took exam today got 625 - revised from premium vce.
At least 10 new questions.
Questions I remember
What does Operations Manager do ?
Add unreported dbase to Health Analyzer which ones? Content/Lineofbusiness/UserProfile
Tagged data on a SharePoint site collection only?
Select which accounts should be ManagedAccounts from a list of accounts?


  • Jan 03, 2016

Please share this exam in pdf format to my email: rijalbr@yahoo.com


  • Dec 22, 2015

Hi Ahmed. You say that are new 13 questions on your exam or there are those questions in premium file?


  • Kuwait
  • Dec 20, 2015

Passed today with 790.
Premium exam is still valid. with more 13 new questions !!


  • India
  • Dec 19, 2015

is this dump sufficient to clear the exam ??


  • Dec 16, 2015

Hello Denise. I'm interested in talking to you about this exam. Please contact me at josue_scuba@hotmail.com


  • United States
  • Dec 11, 2015

Hello Denise. I'm interested in talking to you about this exam. Please contact me at sports4every1@yahoo.com


  • Belarus
  • Dec 09, 2015

Hi Denise Sampaio,
Could you please contact with me via mail sergeiivanov1989@yandex.ru. I want to talk a little bit about this exam. TIA


  • Dec 05, 2015

Hi Denise. Are you from Brazil? I'm interested in talking to you about this exam. Please contact me at asangiorgi@gmail.com

Denise Sampaio

  • United States
  • Dec 01, 2015

Passed with 7xx. The 192q is still valid, but there are 10 new questions at least.


  • United States
  • Nov 30, 2015


Can someone please share the latest dump with sdonthi@nuancetechnologies.com

Thank you!


  • Cambodia
  • Nov 30, 2015

Hi everyone,
did the premium file is correct or not?


  • United States
  • Nov 20, 2015

Did anyone receive the new dump from Marko Janić??? Just curious to see anyone actually got it and if it is valid or not. Thanks in advance


  • Bahrain
  • Nov 19, 2015

Marko Janić

plz send me dumps on a.raheem@trainingplusbh.com


  • Kuwait
  • Nov 16, 2015

Hi Marco,
Can you send your new dump to:



  • India
  • Nov 16, 2015

Hi Marko, please send me the newest dump ruchikaganesh@gmail.com


  • Nov 16, 2015

Passed today, there were 10 new questions different from Marko's dump, but mostly valid.


  • Germany
  • Nov 14, 2015

please share latest dump stan.br@hotmail.com thank you


  • Canada
  • Nov 12, 2015

can you please share latest dump at srocco007@outlook.com


  • Germany
  • Nov 12, 2015

Got this dump from Marko, but I think it's all about getting users from here to an other site. The dump was only rated fout times and I don't think it's valid. I guess, asking for new dumps won't be successfull here.


  • United States
  • Nov 12, 2015

Hi Marco, can you send your new dump to peterb41@outlook.com please?




  • Australia
  • Nov 12, 2015

can you please share latest dump at yasir.jaffrey@gmail.com


  • Mexico
  • Nov 11, 2015


Someone passed the exam using the latest dump which has Marko?


  • Mexico
  • Nov 11, 2015


Someone passed the exam using the latest dump which has Marko?


  • United States
  • Nov 11, 2015

Please send me the latest updated dumps of 70-331 SharePoint 2013 to my email : bkalvi@yahoo.com


  • Australia
  • Nov 10, 2015

pls share the latest dumps santanur@rediffmail.com


  • Sri Lanka
  • Nov 08, 2015

can you please share latest dump.. examtester164@outlook.com


  • Albania
  • Nov 07, 2015

Can you please Mario send me the dump.
Thank you
servisi.testime@gmai.com is my email address


  • Sudan
  • Nov 06, 2015

Anyone have the New Questions??
pls email me elneel100@gmail.com


  • South Africa
  • Nov 06, 2015

Did anybody written Marko's dump is it valid please let us know


  • South Africa
  • Nov 06, 2015

Hi Marko

Can you please share the dump with me, my email : mgwenyac@gmail.com.
Thanks in advance.


  • Germany
  • Nov 05, 2015

Marko Janić, please send me a copy of your dump @ spamadresse001@online.de

Thank you in advance

Thales Horta

  • Brazil
  • Nov 04, 2015

Have anyone used the Marco's Dump? Is this valid? Plz.


  • South Africa
  • Nov 04, 2015

Hi Marko please can you send me the valid dump please


  • Netherlands
  • Nov 04, 2015

Hi, can you sent me the latetst dump. a3.bergwerff@gmail.com

thanks in advance

Danny T

  • United States
  • Nov 03, 2015

Has anyone passed the exam?

Whoever has the latest dump, please email it to me at Dktran31@aim.com, thank you!


  • South Africa
  • Nov 03, 2015

Hi everyone, please if someone has a new updated dump, please send it to jeanjacques.engelbrecht@gmail.com ,much appreciated


  • Chile
  • Nov 02, 2015

hi marko, could you send me the valid dump please to superpelons@yahoo.com thanks :)

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